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Trying to let everyone know what's going on and to have somewhere for your thoughts and ideas about sailing and club activities.


I haven't worked out how to allow you to post on the blog, so just email any contributions and I'll post them.  I think you can add your own comments though.


I think I'm supposed to add pictures sometimes, but I'm too busy sailing to take any!  So if the guys on the bank or in the safety boat could take a few and send them in, I'd be really grateful.

10 boats racing in the sun

By svsc, Apr 8 2017 08:50PM

Well, I thought we might reach double figures soon and we have now. And four keen sailors absent, so we can hope for even better before the summer's out.

A lovely cloudless day with 10 boats racing in a lively, if challengingly variable, wind gave us some very satisfying races. Thanks to Brendan for very professional OD, also to Rob and Oscar, all working to enable our enjoyment.

A potential new member chose this beautiful day for her first visit. Lets hope it showed her how glorious sailing can be at Sandwell.

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